Services: Eyebrows


Hello, thank you for visiting our page! My name is Lindsay and I am the owner of Michiana Microblading.

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Graphics Design and Visual Art, which has given be a big advantage since microblading is an aesthetic ART. Having a degree in art has provided me an extensive background in color theory, symmetry and a trained eye for all aesthetics. I joined the beauty industry in 2012 by receiving my Nail Technicians license. In addition to nails, I started mircoblading and plan to expand my service menu as I continue this journey of permanent cosmetics.

I am one of the first artists to specialize and bring microblading to the Michiana area. I have traveled all over the US to attend conferences, training and continue to further my education by training with, studying and learning from world-renowed artist. My clients deserve the best, so I continue to train to offer my client the latest and greatest in the permanent make-up industry.

Following local guidelines and health and safety standards is top priority for me and my clients. I am Bloodborne pathogens certified, which is updated and renewed every year and I follow OSHA standards as well. I am certified and inspected every year by the health department and everything I use is single use disposable. 

The reason I joined the beauty industry is because I love impacting and making others feel beautiful. I love encouraging, empowering, and giving women confidence. It's truly a blessing to call this my "job". I am really big on blessing others as God has blessed me, so whenever I have the opportunity, I give back by volunteering my time and services to numerous organizations.



Services: Eyeliner, Lip Tint, & 

Tattoo Removal

Hello, my name is Jordan, and I am Lindsay’s husband. I’m sure you’re probably wondering why a male is performing permanent makeup? Well, let me tell you a little bit about myself and then I’ll tell you how I joined Lindsay in the permanent make up world. 


People are often caught off guard by my height so let me give you a heads up, I’m 6’7’’.  I’ve grown up playing basketball and I’ve always had a love and passion for sports. I was blessed with a full ride scholarship to play college basketball at Bethel University, where Lindsay and I met. She received a full ride scholarship to play volleyball and that is where our story begins. I have had a few jobs since we married in 2014 but nothing seemed to work for me. I graduated with my bachelors in sports management, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sports, but the long hours and demanding schedule just didn’t work for us and having a family. I love my family and I wanted to spend more time with them, not less. Since joining Lindsay, I have trained in permanent makeup and tattoo removal with world renowned experts in cities like Las Vegas, Dallas, and Chicago. Some of these trainers originate from other countries, and have rooted themselves in the United States where they dedicate themselves to training advanced artists from all over the world.


As I watched Lindsay continue to grow her microblading business, and become more and more busy, she started wondering what next steps she would take to further grow. She told me that during this time she was continually praying that God would give her a clear direction. She thought about hiring someone but that didn’t seem to fit, so she started to pray that the Lord would turn my heart towards joining her in business and give me a passion for permanent make up. When she revealed this “dream” to me, I have to admit, I laughed and was incredibly hesitant and thought she was a little crazy. I kept and open mind and prayed that God would either change my heart, or change hers. Well, He changed mine, and here we are. Chasing our dreams along this crazy adventure, spending more time with our family, and doing our best to give praise, honor, and glory where it’s due, to our Heavenly Father. 


Hi! My name is Kate and I am likely the one that you talk to when you schedule and prepare for your appointment and I get to see your faces when you arrive at the studio! I come to Michiana Microblading with over 10 years experience in administrative and clerical work, including experience in marketing and communications. I am finishing up my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Bethel University with disciplines in Kinesiology, Business Administration and Ministry. Working in the beauty industry was not in any of my original plans, but the opportunity arose and it afforded me more time and flexibility at home with my beautiful family while also being able to contribute in the workplace, so I made the leap! Prior to Michiana Microblading, I worked for a local non-profit and have also worked in the medical fitness industry. 


My husband Jason and I have been married for 8 years, and we have been blessed with two little girls who fill our lives with so much joy. When I am not in the studio, you can likely find me at home baking, crafting or cooking. Five years ago we bought a 1904 farmhouse and gutted it down to the studs and remodeled it. It is a continuous project that we enjoy and we spend a lot of our time at our home enjoying the outdoors and time together. We have two dogs, several barn cats and even have some chickens. 


My favorite part about working for Michiana Microblading is being able to form relationships with all of our amazing clients. From handling the first inquiry to getting the privilege of meeting clients when they're in for their services and seeing them return for perfecting sessions and even other services is really exciting to me. Before I worked here, I underestimated the difference that our services are able to make in our clients' lives and I feel lucky to play a small part.


Executive Assistant Manager



Services: Eyelashes & Skin Care

Hey! My name is Cassie, and I joined Lindsay and her husband in their amazing permanent makeup business in February of 2020! A lot of clients ask me how I got into “lashing” so let me tell you.


I have ALWAYS been interested in the beauty industry. There are numerous photos of me as a child with “play” makeup on, rollers in my hair, and a brush in my hand. In my young teen years I practiced doing hair and makeup on my friends during our sleepovers and was the one they went to for beauty advice. 


When I was in highschool everyone would ask, “What are you going to college for?” Or, “What are you going to study after highschool?” To be honest I never had the dreams of being a doctor or a dentist or pediatrician like a lot of my peers. I wanted to be in the beauty industry! I attended Regency Beauty Institute and graduated with my Cosmetology License. Soon after, I was hired to work at a local salon in South Bend/Granger. At the salon, I did hair, nails, and makeup. I specialized in bridal makeup and lash application. After 7 years at the salon, I moved to Chicago, IL to be with my husband.


In Chicago, I decided to take a break from hair and mainly focus on makeup. I was offered a job at the Sephora on State Street in downtown Chicago. I quickly made a name for myself and clients were requesting me by name. If clients needed lashes put on, I was their girl. I LOVE transforming my clients, and making them feel beautiful from the inside out. 


A couple years passed and I found out I was pregnant. I took 3 months maternity leave and decided to move back home (Indiana) and be a stay at home mom. After about 4 months, I had a strong urge to get back into the industry and decided I wanted to learn lash extensions. I knew that Lindsay had her own Microblading business and because we worked together at the salon and had been friends, I decided to reach out to her and see what she thought about hiring someone to do lashes. Turns out, she was looking for someone and had been praying for someone to fall into their laps. Everything after that has just fallen into place and has worked out so perfectly! God heard my heart, and answered Lindsays prayers too! He is so faithful in all He does! I am SO excited to start this journey as a certified lash artist and can’t wait to meet you!