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This gorgeous girl wanted a bold, sleek eyebrow so she doesn’t have to fill in her eyebrows anymore. She also wanted a higher arch! 

Her eyebrows lacked shape and symmetry so we adjusted her symmetry and gave her a perfect shape to compliment her face and frame her pretty eyes. We did a combination eyebrow which is microblading and shading. 


This sweet, sweet girl suffers from trichotillomania which kept her from living a “normal” childhood. She wasn’t able to do the things her friends did like going swimming, or play sports because she feared her penciled in brows would come off. You can also imagine the comments that were made to her at school.


I was so happy to be able to help give this girl back some confidence because no one should have to go through the trials this sweet girl has gone through. Microblading changed her life!  Love this transformation and this sweet girl. It was truly one of my most heart warming transformations. We did a combination brow which is microblading and shading. 


This babe wanted a bolder looking brow because she fills in her eyebrows everyday! Many women won’t leave their house without their brows filled in. This is where microblading comes in! With microblading, you don’t have to fill in your eyebrows anymore!


We elongated this babes brows to frame her pretty eyes because she naturally has a “hook” brow. (I talk about what the hook brow is on Facebook and instagram) Elongating the brow makes such a huge difference in your appearance. We did a microblading and shading combination brow. 


This beautiful momma fills in her eyebrows everyday and doesn’t want to take the time to do it anymore. She wanted to wake up and go! She wants to save time wherever she can and microblading is the solution for that!


We adjusted her symmetry as well as bringing in her brows a little bit to fully frame her face. We did a microblading and shading combination brow. 

This beautiful mamma wanted more defined, but super natural looking brows. We started with just doing a full microbladed brow which of course turned out super natural, soft and gorgeous.


I absolutely love her custom shape (hand drawn on -NO stencils) and color. It perfectly compliments her facial features and facial shape! 


This gorgeous lady wanted a super soft and natural microbladed eyebrow because she does not fill in her eyebrows at all. She just wanted them to be fuller, thicker, and have a more consistent and symmetrical shape.


Absolutely love subtle changes that make a big difference! 


This sweet lady wanted super natural eyebrows, but she wanted more shape, symmetry, and color. So we gave that to her and we are so happy with the results. She looks 10 years younger! 


This sweet girl suffered from over-tweezing and lacked density in her hair and arch. We shaped her brows and at her touch up we were pleasantly surprised to see how much hair grew in her arch area! Such a transformation! 

This babe just wanted eyebrows! She’s gone her whole life without having much hair and microblading was a perfect answer for her. She admitted that she was self-conscience and hated her eyebrows. Microblading has given her the confidence back that she needed and wanted! Microblading changes lives! I love being apart of these transformations with such touching stories about how it changes their lives! 

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