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Our saline tattoo removal process is an all natural method of removing pigment under the skin. The saline solution is applied in the skin the same way that the pigment from your tattoo was originally applied. The saline packs in under the skin and forms a scab over the pigment upon healing. During the healing process the saline is working to pull the pigment to the surface of the skin. When the scab falls off, the pigment from under the skin goes with it.

During the procedure

  • Some clients (not all) will bleed and get very red, which is normal.

  • Some clients will bleed a lot, some will bleed less.

  • Some clients will get super red, some do not.

  • Some clients swell, some do not.

       Everyone is different.

After the procedure

  • Aftercare is VERY important for the success of saline removal. This can not  be stressed enough.

  • Each client will be provided a very detailed Aftercare Sheet, and a Follow-Up Appointment. You will need to purchase the Vitamin E oil.

  • You WILL Scab. For 5-10 days. This is part of the process. Do not help the scabs fall off, let them fall off naturally. This is very important.

  • The area can stay pink or discolored for several weeks as the area heals.

  • On some clients, it may take a few months for all the pink/redness to completely heal away.

  • There may be some clients that experience the skin always being slightly discolored.

Not our microblading work. After two removal sessions.


Not our microblading work. 


Tattoo Removal



Lightning and/or removal of previously tattooed or microbladed eyebrows.

*Please read in the FAQ below on why we require 3 sessions to start.


Small to Large lightning and/or removal of previous body tattoos.

*Please read in the FAQ below on why we require 3 sessions to start.


Decreases skin inflammation, smooths skin tone, repairs sun damage, fades scars and stretch marks, and even builds collagen in the skin, which reduces wrinkles. Ask about our LED packages. Total game-changer.

Removal Pricing


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